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Need a True Addictions Coach?

How long have you been looking for someone to actually help you in your addiction or compulsive behavior?

Is it time to take your recovery to the next level?

“Working with Warren changed my life. I would not be who I am now or what I am now   without his guidance and dedication to my recovery” A.J. Calgary AB Canada

Hello friends, my name is Warren Broad. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, counselor and addictions and compulsive behavior specialist. I am also a recovered addict. Are you in a place that you can’t get out of?  Have you tried a treatment facility or 12 step meetings without success? Are you repeating old behaviors? Are you living in pain, and is it time to try something new?

Recovery is a long process, BUT it does not need to be one that you hate each step of the way!

My journey in recovery was not, and has not been an easy one. My first true attempt at recovery was enrolling myself in a traditional 30 day outpatient treatment program. There I learned many things. Some of them useful, some of them not as much.  Abstinence after that program lasted about 10 months.

I sank back in and out of deep addiction for many years. I was losing more than winning. I went in and out of 12 step meetings. I read books, I took pills, I even tried different diets! None of these methods or gimmicks gave me any sustained level of recovery, and things were getting worse! Additional behaviors were beginning to creep into my life.

Things got bad. Emotionally I was spent. Spiritually I was dead and I was truly beginning to worry about my health and my mind. I contemplated suicide.

“I have never been able to connect with any therapist the way I connected with Warren. He takes the time to understand everything about you! He is honest, caring and goes the extra mile. He will be there and never leaves you to flounder.” JR USA

But then one day with a targeted search I found an addiction coach. He was on the other side of the continent and did his counseling by phone. I was skeptical but I was also desperate! At that moment my life changed. Finally in a non clinical setting I was able to talk. And talk I did! I poured my heart out. I cried and I laughed.

This is when I learned what a true addictions and life coach can do.

You will learn and receive:

  • The key components of addiction.
  • Learn the difference between the addict mind and the “higher self”
  • Experience deep trance and targeted meditation. Be guided and learn self hypnosis, administered by a master clinical hypnotherapist.
  • “hard core” support! (I will be there for you like nobody has ever been there for you)
  • Email, phone, and skype options.

Recovery from addiction or compulsive behavior is not easy and is seldom achieved alone. By combining life coaching and personal addictions counselling, you receive an approach that is completely unique and works!

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