Online Counselling

Location Is A Thing Of The Past

Online counselling is an effective option where you will see results quickly. There is no need to leave the comfort of your own home and the length of the online or telephone sessions can be altered for your convenience.

How Does Remote Counselling Work?

It’s Easy As Instant Messaging, Sending Email Or A Phone Call.

Just like traditional counselling where we would usually spend 60 minutes sitting together in discussion setting goals, and working through solutions. Online counsel is treated in the same respect in such a way where I would spend that time in reply either on the phone, using instant messaging software or writing you an in depth and personal therapeutic response via email.

 Remote Counselling Sessions & Video Conferencing

For my clients conveniences I’m setup to use a multitude of applications to communicate during our online counselling sessions. To connect with me via these services you are first required to contact me either by phone or email for an introductory conversation before I pass along my personal contact information and decide which methods of communication you’re comfortable with.

 Some Free Advice

If you prefer to keep your identity private I would recommend creating a secondary free account before hand. Services such as Gmail, Hotmail & other online services allow you to create a new anonymous identity with ease.

This has the potential to bring treatment to individuals who are unable to access traditional programs or who want to strengthen recovery after completing a traditional treatment program.

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