Client Testimonials

Don’t Take My Word For It. Take Theirs

I contacted Warren at probably the lowest point in my life. A life long struggle with drug addiction had finally destroyed my life, shattered my marriage, and tore my family apart. I had no choice but to get help and Warren was there with an understanding, compassionate, and experienced ear. Long distance over the phone therapy was something I wasn’t sure was going to be beneficial but Warren was quick to make things comfortable, cooperative, and flexible. In a short period of time Warren had gained my respect and in return provided me with the support, encouragement, and clarity I needed to start my life over again. He not only cares but understands and has the knowledge and experience to make the difference you are searching for. Because of Warren I have a much more vast understanding of my addiction and not only how it affects me and my life but also those around me. He has provided me with skills and knowledge to ensure I remain on my solid path to recovery. I am confident that because of the difference Warren has made, I will be drug free for the rest of my life. He has truly helped me to save my life. Thanks again Warren.

Scott From the Yukon Alaska

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