Alcohol Abuse

Be Proud Of Quiting Some Things

Handling a substance abuse problem, before it becomes a tragedy for your family or friends, is vitally important.

Addiction is deadly! It will wipe out any hopes and dreams that you might have otherwise had. The hope lies in understanding what is wrong with you. You must get to the root of the problem. Alcohol and drugs are not the problem, they are the symptom.

Most addicted people must come to a point in their life where they are forced to make a choice. That point is different for everyone. Some people don’t have to go as far as others. How far are you willing to let yourself go?

Traditional approaches alone do not necessarily end damaging addictions or compulsive behaviors. I will serve as your sponsor and someone who will support you in your recovery. My approach is unique and works! We all need someone in our corner. Someone who will be there through thick and thin. Someone who knows addiction and has lived it. Counseling & Therapy sessions can be in person, on the phone or online.

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