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Addiction Recovery Is Possible!

Addictions Specialist Warren Broad, creator of the Recovery In The Now Program
Have you been battling an addiction or compulsive behavior? Are you tired of suffering? Are you tired of feeling completely alone? I know this feeling- I have been there. Have you tried traditional addiction recovery methods? 12 step, treatment, or something similar? Although the addictive pathway in a person’s mind is not erasable, it can, and does go dormant. You can live with happiness and contentment.

Hello my name is Warren Broad and I am your recovery coach and addictions specialist.

This is not an addiction recovery program where you are given 30, 60 or 90, days of treatment and then sent on your way to deal with life on your own. When you work with me you will have someone who is in your corner everyday. You will be working with someone who knows addiction personally. You will have access to my personal email, and we will be talking via computer or phone on average twice per week. You will not be alone. I am your professional friend and therapist.

Addiction Recovery is work!

But it is the most gratifying work you will ever do. This is the most serious thing you will ever do in your life! If you do not understand this you are in the wrong place.

With my approach we will tackle your addiction or compulsive behavior on multiple levels. I use several techniques, and will teach you the art of meditation and self hypnosis. This is something very few therapists can offer. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I will give you an added tool that is very difficult to find. I will teach you how to re-wire your thinking to solidify your addiction recovery. I will also make you custom hypnosis recordings for you to use whenever you need added support.

I only allow a very small number of individuals into my program. It requires a large investment of time on my part and yours, but I do want to help as many individuals as possible. I want others to experience the freedom and happiness I have gained in recovery.

Achieve Long-Term Addiction Recovery With Understanding

There’s no compulsive behavior that cannot be converted. If you can understand that your addiction & behaviors are an energy that can be altered, than recovery can be yours. Having dealt with addiction personally and with friends & family, I understand addiction and co-dependency and my purpose is to help my clients to understand their own by teaching them the secrets I learned, and how to change their compulsive thoughts, behaviors, and energy into positive addiction free behaviors and lifestyles.

The Addictive Personality

For most people with an addiction, their over use of alcohol or drugs, sex, or food has come from too many unpleasant emotions in their lives. As a result of these unpleasant emotions and insecurities, they crave the good feelings usually associated with mind altering substances and behaviours. As many addicts have been heard to say; “I just wanted to be normal”. The important thing here is that most of the time addicts or alcoholics do not feel normal, they feel like something is wrong. Or they feel as though reality is to difficult to handle. Working on acceptance of the past and the present is a large part of the healing process.

The addictive personality is driven by a desire to overcome discomfort and pain through the use of a coping mechanism. The coping mechanism can come in many forms. Compulsive behaviours, drugs, alcohol or prescriptions. The list is far longer then most people are aware. As a therapist a question I use to determine levels of addiction are how much shame or guilt does the individual experience when “acting out”. This is an eye opener for many!

Shame and guilt are a large factor in the addicts life. The shame/guilt cycle is one that must be broken to achieve any level of recovery.
Programs are developed on a client by client basis. A 30 minute FREE Addiction Breakthrough phone or skype call is available for us to discuss your needs, and a fee structure.

Email to get started or call me direct at 705-787-6228.

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