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Warren Broad is a clinical hypnotherapist, honours addictions coach, therapist, friend, and life coach to many. After 10 years of private practice Warren Broad has what it takes to get you on track! As an author, speaker and therapist, Warren continues to search for new and innovative ways to help you through your unique issues.

“Working with Warren changed my life. I would not be who I am now or what I am now  without his guidance and dedication to my recovery” A.J. Calgary AB Canada

By visiting this site you have found something new! You have found someone who cares about your issues, your concerns, and your well being.

“I have never been able to connect with any therapist the way I connected with Warren. He takes the time to understand everything about you! He is honest, caring and goes the extra mile. He will be there and never leaves you to flounder.” JR USA

Through online counselling, I will assist you in understanding why you feel the way you do and help to improve your life. Online or telephone sessions provide the opportunity for counselling in a way that is private and comfortable for you, and suites your life and work.

I provide a supportive and private environment in which I work closely with my clients as their personal counsellor, sponsor and friend to overcome obstacles and to facilitate positive changes in their lives. I choose to take a slightly different approach than a traditional therapist and my purpose will be to help you understand and know your particular behavior. This will enable you to take control and change your negative thoughts into positive productive thinking.

A moment with Warren R. Broad
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Online Counselling is Convenient & Private with today's technology, you can now access professional help from virtually anywhere.

Counselling Services

Anything that concerns you is important. I can provide a discrete atmosphere in which you can discuss your issue no matter how minor or serious. My home office in Huntsville, Ontario is  a wonderful setting surrounded by trees and nature. Your privacy is assured. Ask me about “the big chair”. Everyone wants to take it home!

People seek counselling for a various number of reasons. It can often be because the difficulties of everyday life have become overwhelming and you may have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem or relationship problems.

Counselling is valuable as an aid to personal growth and can improve your sense of well being and self confidence.

It is normal to need support, which friends and family often provide. However, when you speak with someone who is trained, non biased and there for you in a unconditional manner, often it is easier to be fully open with your feelings and concerns.

I invite you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns that you want to discuss. Call 1 (705) 787-6228 or email me  and we’ll schedule an appointment together. This can be done in my office, or conveniently from your home via phone, skype or google hangout.

My Approach To Addiction Counselling

A Little About Myself

warren broad

I am a clinical hypnotherapist, marriage and family therapist, counsellor and life coach. I also hold a honours diploma in addictions counselling.

I have been working in the field of professional Counselling for over 10 years now and have been previously contracted to work with troubled youths by government agencies. My education in adult and teen psychology, counselling and hypnosis all combine to create an approach you will truly benefit from.

With a combination of traditional Counselling and newer age approaches I have the ability to tackle almost any issue your willing to bring forward. Being an adept listener with an ability to empathize has enabled me to make wonderful strides with my clients. Every day I witness the courage and strength of the human spirit. I consider it a privilege to be trusted with my clients. And can’t hear enough when they succeed.

I’m Here To Help
We’re not alone in life, for further information on how online, phone or personal counselling can help you achieve your goals check out my contact info for different methods to begin our conversation.

Member of

International Board of Hypnotherapy & Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com the most complete guide about Personal Growth on the internet.

Certifications & Dimplomas Include

Contact Warren Broad

For further information on how online, phone or personal counselling can work for you, email or call me and we’ll discuss the different methods we can begin with. – Warren Broad.

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